UP driver

How to up drive in NBU 7.5, S.O Linux


0   HP.ULTRIUM6-SCSI.000 hcart  TLD(1)  DRIVE=1
      MISSING_PATH:/dev/nst15:HU1342YNY4                               DOWN
1   HP.ULTRIUM6-SCSI.001 hcart  TLD(1)  DRIVE=8
      MISSING_PATH:/dev/nst14:HUJ5143G2L                               DOWN
2   HP.ULTRIUM6-SCSI.002 hcart  TLD(1)  DRIVE=7
      MISSING_PATH:/dev/nst13:HUJ5143G2F                               DOWN
3   HP.ULTRIUM6-SCSI.003 hcart  TLD(1)  DRIVE=6
      MISSING_PATH:/dev/nst12:HUJ5103ABV                               DOWN
4   HP.ULTRIUM6-SCSI.004 hcart  TLD(1)  DRIVE=5
      MISSING_PATH:/dev/nst6:HUJ5103AB4                                DOWN
5   HP.ULTRIUM6-SCSI.005 hcart  TLD(1)  DRIVE=4
      MISSING_PATH:/dev/nst5:HUJ4462A32                                DOWN
6   HP.ULTRIUM6-SCSI.006 hcart  TLD(1)  DRIVE=3
      MISSING_PATH:/dev/nst4:HU1344YV01                                DOWN
7   HP.ULTRIUM6-SCSI.007 hcart  TLD(1)  DRIVE=2
      MISSING_PATH:/dev/nst3:HU1344YV0N                                DOWN




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Re: UP driver

The OS has lost connectivity to the devices. You need to investigate and fix at OS-level.

Re: UP driver

There are plenty of posts in this forum regarding similar problems.

Search this forum for the terms "persistent binding" and "tpautoconf -report_disc".


Re: UP driver

To answer the questions (although you will need to followed the outstanding advice from 'Marianne the Great' and 'SDO the Incrediable' :0) - the eaierst way to 'UP' drives ...

vmoprcmd -up <index number>

The index number is the number on the left.  So here it goes from 0 - 7

However, until the original paths come back, or, the drives are deleted and reconfigured with new paths, you cannot 'UP' the drives.  As stated, the operating system has lost connectivity to the drives, this needs troubleshooting and fixing at the OS level first.


Re: UP driver

You should've noticed the MISSING_PATH next to the OS path.

It is in big letters for a reason.

Something happened at OS or hardware level - faulty hba, faulty cable(s), faulty gbic, etc. etc...

Check physical connections.
Check /var/log/messages file for hardware errors.

Only return to NBU when the the OS can see devices with this command:

cat /proc/scsi/scsi 

Confirm as follows:


If device paths are different to those in NBU config, you will need to delete NBU config and run Device Config Wizard again.

Read up on Persistent Binding for the make/model hba in this server.