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Unable to add new MSDP storage server - server is shutdown (2060023)

Level 4

Hello colleagues,

I have the following issue: I need to add a new MSDP storage server to an existant media server. I have a local big fs mounted on the media server. 

When I try to add using the Netbackup console "Configure Disk Storage Servers" wizard I receive the following error in the Storage Server Configuration:

Login credentials verification failed for server - Details: server is shutdown (2060023)

The media server has another configured storage unit and it is working properly.

Thanks and best regards



Level 6

Hi @oolmedo 

What is the existing storage unit on the media server?

You can only configure one local MSDP pool per media server (aka storage server). So if you already have a PureDisk storage unit configured you cannot add a second. It is possible you may be able to add the storage to the existing pool by following the instructions in the Dedplication Guide around growing large MSDP pools (250TB). A MSDP pool can comprise one or more file systems. 

Though I will say, it is not a normal way to do this.



Level 4
Hello Davidmoline,
Thanks for your reply.
Actually the existant storage unit is a basic disk type. It was created just to test the media server basic funtions before going to create the  msdp storage server and the msdp disk pool.
There is no previous msdp disk pool using this media server
Thanks and best regards

Level 0

My issue is that I need to join a second MSDP storage server to an existing media server. I've installed a local big fs on the media server. When I try to add a server in the Netbackup interface's "Configure Disk Storage Servers" wizard, the following error appears in the Storage Server Configuration. phrazle