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Unable to add second tape drive to sl150 using Solaris

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I have a new SL-150 with two LTO8 drives in it and am running Solaris 11.  I run the following command to try to get the OS to see both drives but only one is visible to the OS:

  1. Determine the World Wide Number [WWN] of the host’s on-line hba-port. The [WWN] is annotated by being the port that the State is currently on-line.

# fcinfo hba-port (State:online) [WWN}

  1. Assign the World Wide Number [WWN] of the host’s hba-port to the remote hba-port.

# fcinfo remote-port [WWN] or # fcinfo remote-port -p [WWN]

  1. Change directories to the location of the sg.conf file.

# cd /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/driver

  1. Build a new sg.conf file.

# ../ all


  1. Save and then remove the old system sg.conf.

# cp /kernel/drv/sg.conf /kernel/drv/sg.conf.orig

# rm -rf /kernel/drv/sg.conf

# ./sg.install


  1. Perform a scan of the robotic library (SL-150).


How do I get the OS to see the 2nd drive so that I can present it to NBU?



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Hi there,

You may need to check with the tape vendor or Solaris admin.

NBU will be able to see the drives only if they are visible at the OS level first.


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A dumb question - did you zone it correctly? is it via SAN switch or direct connect? Depending on your FC HBA there are different commands to run in order to check what given HBA 'sees', try to use these - for emulex it was lputil for qlogic - sansurfer or something... Did not work on solaris for years now... there was also one more like devfsadm... if my memory serves me correctly.