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Unable to configure robots for Master Server

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Hi All,


We are new to the netback up set up in our Business unit and We are setting up netback up in an isolated network from the existing master server + robotic server

At the moment we have done the below set ups and stuck in where we are unable to configure the robotic server which is on another network.



Current running set up:-




Master , media , nb client running on windows platform in Nertwork A

Tape library robotic (TLD)running and configured on this master server which is on san switch zoning.




Added expansion slot (4 drives) to the existing tape library and connected to the master server directory using qlogic card

Installed master, media & NB client (netbackup 8.1.1) on centos 6.9 in network B


Could you advice what could be the issue as why we are unable to see the robotic arm in network A in to Network B master server in order to set up further configuration in netback up. Could someone please advice and help us here ?

 Is it possible to configure 2 Master servers (different network) for one tape library?







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There's a full document about configuring robotic devices in NetBackup, you should check it:

In detail:
1) Before configuring NetBackup make sure the Operating Systems are seeing the devices properly. You should see each tape drive and each logical tape library listed in the Device Manager (in Windows) or in the output of "cat /proc/scsi/scsi" (in Linux). If this isn't happening, make sure the hardware is correctly presented to the servers (check cabling and zoning), escalate with the hardware provider and check the guide I linked above.
2) Two or more Media Servers can use the same logical library with Shared Storage Option. The general concept is that both OS can see the same hardware and its NetBackup who gets to decide what exact components each of them get to use without conflicts. More info in the NetBackup Administrator's Guide Volume II (

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"Is it possible to configure 2 Master servers (different network) for one tape library?"

No. It is not possible. You either need 2 separate libraries or a library that can be partitioned.

Hi Marianne,

We have an expansion slot which is connected to the library and partitioned to use for separate BU's. 

In this scenario, these partitioned drives are connected directly to the master server through QLogic card without going through SAN Zoning.

Send you a diagram personally.



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The library itself needs to be partitioned so that it is configured in 2 logical tape libraries, each with own tape drives and slots. 
Each partition will then be presented to each master with own robot, drives and media slots.

Find out from your tape library manufacturer if your make/model can be partitioned. 
There is normally a license fee for this feature.