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Unable to create automatically through hyper-v intelligent policy query

Level 4


I have cluster with 3 nods (Host)

  • 1 running Server 2012 R2 Core
  • 2 running Server 2016 1603 Core

When I set the policy to automatically through hyper-v intelligent policy query i cant get any VMs.

I have check all of the settings and I cant see any problem.

Follow things have been checked.

  • All powershell tools are install.
  • .Net 4.6 installed
  • netbackup Legacy network Service has domain login details

Display Name                                            Name                       Install State
------------                                            ----                       -------------
[X] File and Storage Services                           FileAndStorage-Services        Installed
    [X] Storage Services                                Storage-Services               Installed
[X] Hyper-V                                             Hyper-V                        Installed
[X] .NET Framework 4.6 Features                         NET-Framework-45-Fea...        Installed
    [X] .NET Framework 4.6                              NET-Framework-45-Core          Installed
    [X] WCF Services                                    NET-WCF-Services45             Installed
        [X] TCP Port Sharing                            NET-WCF-TCP-PortShar...        Installed
[X] Failover Clustering                                 Failover-Clustering            Installed
[X] Multipath I/O                                       Multipath-IO                   Installed
[X] Remote Differential Compression                     RDC                            Installed
[X] Remote Server Administration Tools                  RSAT                           Installed
    [X] Feature Administration Tools                    RSAT-Feature-Tools             Installed
        [X] Failover Clustering Tools                   RSAT-Clustering                Installed
            [X] Failover Cluster Module for Windows ... RSAT-Clustering-Powe...        Installed
    [X] Role Administration Tools                       RSAT-Role-Tools                Installed
        [X] Hyper-V Management Tools                    RSAT-Hyper-V-Tools             Installed
            [X] Hyper-V Module for Windows PowerShell   Hyper-V-PowerShell             Installed
[X] SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support                   FS-SMB1                        Installed
[X] Windows Defender Features                           Windows-Defender-Fea...        Installed
    [X] Windows Defender                                Windows-Defender               Installed
[X] Windows PowerShell                                  PowerShellRoot                 Installed
    [X] Windows PowerShell 5.1                          PowerShell                     Installed
[X] WoW64 Support                                       WoW64-Support                  Installed

Master Server: Windows 2012 R2 running Netbackup V 8.0

I follow this.





Level 5

Are you able to manually browse for Virtual Machines? 

Yes I can

Partner    VIP    Accredited Certified


It seems that you have not specified any selection criteria.

You need to add some sort of criteria in order to find/list VMs.
See this section in the manual:

Start with something simple like 'VMHost StartsWith ....... ' (add something that is valid in your environment)

I did had that but it didnt work, i had a query to exclude some of the vms

Partner    VIP    Accredited Certified

@lalajee wrote:

I did had that but it didnt work, i had a query to exclude some of the vms

Well, you need to include something before adding exclude criteria....