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Unable to edit "client attributes" list using Windows Administrator Console

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After dealing with left over VSP files on our servers, we decided to go with VSS instead.  Our testing seemed to work without problems, so we were left with figuring out how mass-change all of our remaining clients.  As our NetBackup master runs on a UNIX box, our UNIX administrator said he could update some file (the file that apparently controls the "client atrributes" list where one would change a client to use VSS instead of VSP in the GUI) using a script to speed up the process.  However, after he made the change, we can not longer see or add new clients using the Windows GUI to the "client attributes" list.  However, using the Java client (which our UNIX administrator uses), you can see all the clients just fine and add new ones.


Does anyone know what we might have done wrong to cause this to break or how to fix it?  This functionality worked fine prior to his script - I could login using the Windows Admin console and change the open file attributes of clients without problems (and now I cant) - so I dont think this is a permissions problem on my part.


We are running NB 6.5.1




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Master Server properties, Client Attributes tab settings are stored under here:



Maybe you could try adding a new dummy client name using the Windows Admin console, and see what is different between your new spoof client name and any of the existing files in \db\client that were modified by your SA's script. 


Did your Unix Admin "edit" the files using awk/ed/???, or did they use the "bpclient" command with a switch of "-WOFB_FIM 1"?

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You can try bpsetconfig for each clien you have is faster u only create the file with the lines that you want to add to the bp.conf file then run a script over the list of clients that you have and will apply the change to all your clients, something like:


for SER in `cat server_list`


bpsetconfig -h $SER bpconf_add.file



is faster and you can standarize all your environment in a couple of mins.



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bpsetconfig     is used to remotely update a client's bp.conf

bpclient          is used to modify the master server's "client attributes" i.e. things like whether to use VSS or VSP.