Unable to login root to WebUI NetBackup 8.2


I've tried to check out new release of NetBackup 8.2. 

My Sandbox have just installed Solaris and NetBackup master server 8.2.

I've got a problem to login to WebUI as root. 

Error is "! authentication failed". 

I've tried to change password but it makes nothing.

I've tried to login another user and have got message "You are not autorized to access this application. ..."

I can login with root to Netbackup Administration Console but in "Login Activity" I see Message: "Unable to connect to the Netbackup Web Management console service: the trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty"

In Java Admin Console "Login Activity" shows normaly.

How can I login as root?

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Re: Unable to login root to WebUI NetBackup 8.2

Use the command bpnbaz -AddRBACPrincipalCLI to grant  security administrator and backup administrator permission to the user you want to assign these roles. Login with this user and then add / assignpriviliges to other users as required.

Hope this will help.