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Unable to login to the NetBackup Administration Console

Level 4

Master Server OS is Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard SP1

NetBackup version 7.7

Unable to login to the NetBackup Administration Console

Receive the login window.
After username and password are entered the Login in progress... appears with the hourglass activity and thats as far as it gets. Hourglass activity just continues with no response
The Windows logs show no errors

Backup,Archive,Restore utility works fine and backups appear to be running.

No changes have been made in the last six months.
Plenty of available disk space on the Master server.

Any suggestions?




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Try to run this as administrator - maybe some OS patched were applied...

I normally login as an administrator but does not seem to matter.

Thanks for your input quebek!

He meant run the program as administrator. Shift + Right Click -> Run As Administrator . It is possible that some patching may have changed security permissions.

What does the CLI show while you try to login and the loading screen just sits there?

I'm not sure how much you'd see from java logs on the master server but you could give that a try.

INSTALL PATH\NetBackup\Logs\bpjava-msvc

INSTALL PATH\NetBackup\Logs\bpjava-susvc

INSTALL PATH\NetBackup\Logs\bpjava-usvc

I'd also take a look at the admin logs located at INSTALL PATH\NetBackup\Logs\admin

If none of those directories exist, create them.


You didn't say if it used to work earlier. Did it happen recently? If yes, what changed?

Do you have NetBackup Administration Console installed on another machine? Try logging in to NetBackup using that one and connecting to the master server which gives login issues.