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Unable to open debug log

Level 4

Dear Sirs,

Activity Monitor > NetBackup Management > Report > Problems contains messages:

“unable to open debug log”

How to set up a report?



Level 6

Hi @AndriiPushkarov 

The Problem report runs the bperror command in the background. This in turn relies on the error logs being present in the folder <INSTALLDIR>\NetBackup\db\error - there should be a number of files there all looking like log_nnnnnnnnnn. 

Two possibilities I can think of quickly (but not necessarily all):

  1. The user you are running the report as doesn't have permission to read the error log files
  2. The error log files don't exist.

Try running the bperror command at the command line and see if this displays anything further to assist. Also if you look in the admin log, the command and parameters are displayed in the log file. Refer to the Command Reference guide for more details on the bperror command.


I thank davidmoline for the support
I found out the real reason
С:\Program Files\Veritas\Netbackup\log has been moved to drive D
In this case, the Microsoft procedure was used - “mklink”
This practice has been used before when there was not enough free space on the master server
This has always worked successfully
Now i abandoned mklink and the problem was solved