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Unable to restore files with unrecognized characters/symbols

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There are a few files that I could not recognized e.g.: "5�" "6�" "7�" that will cause restoration failures. At first I though those files are corrupted so I choose another date for other backup images during date selection. A quick google search hinted that these could be chinese characters.

Including these files will result in "status: 186 - tar received no data"  or "bpcd on backup01 exited with status 21: socket open failed"

How do I go about restoring these files? Thanks for any help.


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If you are sure that the problem is Chinese characters, then maybe it is a java problem.

Follow the instructions of this tech note to change the java behavior.

or try to use a windows client to do the restore using "backup archive and restore" program or
Linux to windows and vice versa restore is not supported, but give it a try

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Try to restore one level above... this should work... just my two cents...

thanks @quebek @StefanosM 

restoring one level above did it! Finally able to restore it albeit had to resort to CLI because of bug on java client 7.6 where it will truncate 2 char from source folder.