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Unable to restore system state to different server


Today I tried restoring the system state of a particular windows 2003 server, to another server with the same OS and hardware.

I'm using Netbackup 7.0, i have the client installed on the destination server.

I keep getting these errors:

 Error bpbrm(pid=4296) from client pickwatches2: ERR - unable to create object for restore: System State:\ (WIN32 -536805691: Unknown error)


This happens to every object in the system state. I can restore the C: ok, but not the system state objects.

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Hi,   Check out this



Check out this note

That's great thanks!   I

That's great thanks!


I think the problem was the hostnames were differnt.



Try to do it on a VM , you

Try to do it on a VM , you may not face that much issue but if you are doing on a physical server then you need to check lot of things . All the drivers,patches and also the hardware should be similar to the source server . If there is any mismatch then most of the time you will face issues .

We do lot of DR in remote site and we use different server name and overwrite on it , it works fine . But if you are carrying out actual DR then its recommened to have the same server name , ip and other related patches and updates.

Thanks,We're actually doing


We're actually doing it in a test environment. The Servers have exactly the same harware and OS.


I've just tried this with the same Hostname and its still not working. Originally it had been put on the domain, but i removed it from the domain, rebooted, renamed to same host name, rebooted.

Still not happening.

Why don't you give BMR a try?

Why don't you give BMR a try?

Thanks Riaan, is there a tech

Thanks Riaan, is there a tech note for that process too?



Hi,   BMR is an option (which



BMR is an option (which is free). You'll need to setup your environment though. Its all covered in the guide but basically you'll need to do the following (excuse me if i miss a step)

  1. Setup the BMR master server - Run the configuration wizard on the master
  2. Setup a BMR boot server - Run the boot server configuration wizard (on a windows 2003 media or the master if its running windows 2003 or later)
  3. Create a SRT (bootable media image that resides on the boot server allowing clients to network/cd boot) - Run the boot server configuration wizard - SRT creation
  4. Change your policy and enable "collect disaster recovery information"
  5. Rerun the policy and make sure all streams exit with status 0 (I assume your previous backups you're trying to restore from also ended with status 0. Enabling BMR adds one more component to the parent streams so they must end with 0 too)
  6. Create a new configuration if you're going to restore to a different server (specific new MAC addresses, driver details, hard disk layout, etc)
  7. Then run a prepare to restore
  8. Boot the client and restore