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Unable to start Netbackup EMM service

Level 5

Getting error while starting Veritas netbackup console.We are using Veritas server 6.5.6 on windows ser 2k8 Enterprise R2.


Netbackup has determined  that Netbackup media manager: Adaptive server anywhere-Veritas NB on host ABC are not running.not running.Than it gives 3 buttons Repair,continue and cancel. On clicking on " Repair " button it doesnt do any thing.

 Also attaching server log.

Done everything as per the blog but it didnt help.

Kindly suggest what can i do to resolve this isssue.




Level 5


bpps output after bpup

C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin>bpps
* INDELGG4GHST                                           7/17/15 12:46:04.018
COMMAND           PID      LOAD             TIME   MEM                  START
bpinetd           832    0.000%            0.140   13M   7/17/15 12:39:38.239
bpjava-msvc     11388    0.000%            0.046  9.3M   7/17/15 12:39:38.326
nbevtmgr         2944    0.000%            0.187   25M   7/17/15 12:39:38.590
vmd             11428    0.000%            0.202   18M   7/17/15 12:39:39.681
ltid             6372    0.000%            0.795   19M   7/17/15 12:39:40.010
nbrmms           1508    0.000%            0.421   31M   7/17/15 12:39:40.189
bpdbm           11200    0.000%            0.109   20M   7/17/15 12:39:40.471
bpjobd           2572    0.000%            0.093   18M   7/17/15 12:39:40.611
bpcompatd        4072    0.000%            0.078   13M   7/17/15 12:39:40.682
bprd            11384    0.000%            0.156   18M   7/17/15 12:39:40.852
nbjm            11544    0.000%            0.826   21M   7/17/15 12:39:41.067
nbpem           11748    0.000%            0.405   25M   7/17/15 12:39:41.344
nbsl             3848    0.000%            0.280   25M   7/17/15 12:39:41.634
nbvault          5872    0.000%            0.187   22M   7/17/15 12:39:41.979
nbstserv         8784    0.000%            0.764   25M   7/17/15 12:39:43.746
nbsvcmon        10352    0.000%            0.171   19M   7/17/15 12:40:14.023
nbproxy         11156    0.000%            0.343   20M   7/17/15 12:44:06.045
bpps             7972    0.000%            0.031  8.6M   7/17/15 12:46:02.951

Level 6

What is status of nbdb_ping command ?


Level 6

I canot see any "dbsrv" process running..

Is it a master server ?

Have tried restarting Netbackup services ?

bpdown and bpup. 

Level 5

C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin>nbdb_ping.exe
Database [NBDB] is not available.

I have also done steps as per

Now I am able to start EMM but no robot,nothing is visible in veritas console.

Level 5
Yes ChAmp35 I have stopped and started netbackup services.

Level 5
Should i try reinstalling veritas netbackup server on Current machine.will it help???

Level 6

As per TN everything should be intact after recreation of NbDB.log. 

Is it so?

Is there sufficient free space on drive where NBU is installed ?

Level 6

How much free space do you have on the drive where NBDB is located ? it won't start unlees there is at least 10% free space (Netbackup 7.5 number)

Also found that some times a defragmention of drive helps, if there is performance warning entries in the server.log about the database files contaning a number disk fragments

Being windows a reboot can help, as it clears the memory, heap and so on

The standard questions: Have you checked: 1) What has changed. 2) The manual 3) If there are any tech notes or VOX posts regarding the issue

Level 5

@Champ C drive total is of 200 GB of which 80 GB is free. I have also renamed NBDB log file but it is not created on its own after restarting veritas through GUI.

@ Michael I have also rebooted server 2-3 times. Should i try reinstalling veritas netbackup server on Current machine.will it help???


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Before you do a reinstall - best to find out WHY emm is not running or cannot be started.

Please do the following:

Stop NBU again from cmd (bpdown).

Use Windows Services to Stop/Start Symantec Private Branch Exchange.

Start NBU from cmd (bpup -f -v).

Check EMM log for errors:

vxlogview -o 111 -t 00:10:00

(Above command will only check logs for last 10 minutes, so, run command within 10 min of trying to start NBU or else increase the value.)

Also post server.log (in <install-path>\Veritas\NetBackupDB\log).

Please copy logs to .txt files and upload as File attachments.

Level 6
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Hello ankushkalra,

perhaps the transaction log got corrupt.

Check if this helps? It explains how to rebuild it from scratch.

Best regards


Level 5

Thanks all for the responce.The nbdb log was corrupt.recreated using the link above mentioned by me.

I have not restarted the server then after recreating nbdb.I have restarted server after 2-3 hours and now it is workking fine.


Thankx all for the responce.Really appreciated!!!

Level 5


is there some troubleshooting pdf on internet regarding veritas netbackup server and veritas netbackup client issues.If yeskindly share me the link.


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You can download the NBU 6.5 Troubleshooting Guide (and other manuals ) from this URL : NBU 6.5 Documentation: