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Unable to upload update

Level 1

I have a netbackup appliance that I am trying to update to 3.1.1.

The first issue is using the web interface to try and download it fromt he web: When I go through the web interface it stops working at 52kb. I tried to download all the previous versions as well. All of them stop at 52kb.

The second issue is when I try and upload it directly to the appliance I am getting several errors / issues:

1. I am using Windows to try and get to the CIFS share, but our windows are locked down and we can not access SMB1 shares. The CIFS share is SMB1 on the appliance.


2. When I try and access the NFS share from Windows Server 2008r2 with NFS enabled I am getting ACCESS DENIED when trying to modify anything in the folder once it is mounted.


3. I need the UserID and GroupID for the user I am trying to access the NFS share with.


4.How can I access the appliance as a different user to upgrade the Appliance? Any ideas?




Level 3

Hi John, 

You can upload the packages with SCP, which is what my organisation usually does as we are also quite locked down. I use WinSCP.

To start with, log onto the appliance and create a NetBackupCLI user. I usually access the appliance with SSH so here is how I do it:

Manage --> NetBackupCLI --> Create [Account name]        |       Choose a password for the acccount.

Now use that account to log onto the appliance with WinSCP or the software of your choice. The NetBackupCLI user has limited permissions on the appliance, so just dump the file in /home/nbusers.

After the file is transferred, you now need to move the file from /home/nbusers to /inst/patch/incoming/ . I know its tedious, but you have to move it with the elevated maintenance user. If you are unsure how to access the elevated maintenance user, let me know and I'll send you the details.

Once the file is moved to /inst/patch/incoming, you can revert to the normal appliance CLISH and go to:

Manage --> Software --> List Downloaded