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Uninstalling Netbackup 6.0 Client installation

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Hello there,

I am planning to upgrade all Netbackup 6.0 Client installations to Netbackup 6.5.6.

I looked into the documentation but could not find how to uninstall Netbackup Client s/w before installing Netbackup 6.5.

Could I simply install it over the current NBU 6.0 install? OR do I need to uninstall first and HOW do I uninstall the client s/w?

Any help will be appreciated!





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You don't need to uninstall, in fact if you do uninstall you will lose your exclude list and your server list for the client.

Just install 6.5 over 6.0 then install the 6.5.6 patch 

If you really want to uninstall.

On windows you would run the 6.0 setup like you were going to install, but from the screens choose remove.

on unix you would run the uninstall  script that is in the same dir as the install script.

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On windows, choose change, rather then remove from control panel. Just allows you to choose remove in the netbackup wizard, with the option to keep configuration files. At least for the server software it does, so i suppose that'll work for clients too. Then you can keep all your scripts, etc.