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I don't think it is feasible according to documentatios but is there a way to set a quota limit on Universal Shares ? Could be good since otherwise DBA can completely filled up the MSDP Pool ...

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for that there are retentions ...


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How will retentions help? Are you aware that there is not Policy involved?

Universal Shares allows the appliance's dedupe storage to be mounted as NFS/CIFS on servers where no database agent or backup API exists.

From 3.1 Appliance Release Notes: 
Starting with software version 3.1, the Universal Shares are workload independent Shares that write into the MSDP partition. You can choose to create NFS shares or CIFS shares to match the type of workloads you are backing up.
Navigate to Manage > Storage > Universal Shares to perform all of your Universal Share management tasks.


I have not been able to find any documentation regarding quotas on Universal Shares. 
It seems like a basic requirement!

I suggest that you request a feature enhancement.
Unfortunately this is a lengthy process - you need to reach out to your local Veritas SE or TAM to forward the request to Product Management.


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Hello all,

however DBA backups/copies to Universal Share are like every other backups directed to MSDP.. and if they are well deduplicated, there is only a small change to fill up the MSDP.