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Unknown DB2 log restores triggered

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I am currently facing a weird issue which i am not sure on where to find the information. So i hope so DB2 gurus or anyone who is familiar with would advise me on the issue i am facing here. 

I currently have a NBU 6.5.4 Master Server on a Windows Server 2003 Std Edition and a DB2 agent on a RHEL5.4 with DB2 v9.1. I am using the vendor log archiving method.

Once in a while i see a restore activity on my Activity Monitor on the Master Server. The thing is i do not see or have anyone performing a restore. I check on the details information, it seems that it is restoring the logs. When i opened up the BAR gui, there was no history of any restores.

I have logged a case with tech support, and they replied that it is a DB2 behavior to restore the last log of the previous DB2 backup and to include it together with the new backups. 

Can anyone verify if its true? Or does anyone faced the same issue?

thanks in advance!


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Ensure you have bprd log on master. If the dir does not exist, you need  to create it and restart NBU.

The source of the restore request (IP address) will be logged in bprd log.