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Update Remote Host on DDBoost Association

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Hello Community,

We recently relocated our backup environment to a new physical location which forced us to change the domain suffix of our NBU environment and Data Domain.  The prefix/hostname has stayed the same.  We have NBU AIR configured with DDBOOST/EMC Data Domains.  So initially we used this similar article to configure NBU Air for a Data Domain ( however with the move now the remote host information has changed and should be updated.  Can this be edited or does the association have to be destroyed and recreated?  Sorry for the lame dns suffixes but had to generalize it.. 

original location:  westcoast.acme.corp

new location:  eastcoast.acme.corp

So westcoast.acme.corp needs to be updated to eastcoast.acme.corp

ddboost association show
Local Storage Unit            Direction                   Remote Host                                Remote Storage Unit              Import To
------------------ -------------- ----------------------- ------------------- ---------
air_lsu                             replicate-from            dest.westcoast.acme.corp            remote_local
local_lsu                          replicate-to                dest.westcoast.acme.corp            remote_air_lsu -
------------------ -------------- ----------------------- ------------------- ---------

Thanks so much.


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This question should be directed at EMC since it's a DataDomain configuration. I doubt you'll get the answer here.