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Updgrade OS to 2019 and Netbackup to 10.1.1

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Hi all,

I'm new to Netbackup. I'm planning to upgrade the operating system from Windows server 2016 to Windows server 2019 and also Netbackup to the latest version.

What is the best approach to achieve this?

Is there a way to keep the netbackup master server name if i build a new Windows 2019 server?

What are the steps involved here?


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The best approach for this exercise is to Take a Full Consistent Catalog Backup on Tape / Disk and restore the catalog backup on new Server. Just ensure following things while you deploy a new windows 2019 server

1. Keep Hostname same as old server (be it fqdn or short). Dont worry about IP address, it can be different from old server.

2. Installation Path for NetBackup

3. Be sure to copy KMS encryption keys if any 

4. Import DR Package for keeping CA Certificates identical.

There is NetBackup Troubleshooting guide available which has the most accurate steps for a Catalog Recovery. I recommend you to review that first and then plan for this exercise.



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To migrate the data using backup and restore method...  you MUST install the same NBU version (as is installed on the 2016 master) on the new 2019 master, to be able to do the restore...  After the restore you can then upgrade it to 10.1.1

If you are running older versions of NBU on the 2016 master, you need to make sure they are supported at 2019 too...  There may be requirement to upgrade the existing master on 2016 first, so its on a supported version for 2019...  (you didn't mention what you currently have).

The backup and restore process can take a while depending on the size of the environment, and you will need to play at taking servers in/out of domains / workgroups to allow both to have the same name...  (you will need to use different IP if you want them both on the network at the same time)..

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Hi @sanket_pathak1 @StoneRam-Simon 

Thank you very much for your valuable suggestions. Both your suggestions has helped me greatly and i have now got my NB servers off the domain.

Thank you both of you