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Upgrade From 6.5 Linux to 7.1 Windows Platform

Hi all,

I am preparing to upgrade from Linux env. to windows and by this chance i also going to upgrade the master  to 7.1 on WIN 2008 server.

Did anyone already performed something similar ?

I would like some professional advice.


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Authorized Consultant only

As Marianne says you need

As Marianne says you need professional services for this - but it can be done without any real problems as long as it is properly planned

  Hi, We do a lot of


Hi, We do a lot of migration like this in Colombia, like:

- Solaris to Linux same master server name

- Solaris 8 to Solaris 10 Master server name changed

- Solaris 10 single master server to Solaris 10 in Cluster

- Master Server in Windows to master server in Linux same master server name

- Master server in Solaris to Master Server in Linux Same name and different Name,

- Catalog merge between two and three different NBU domains,

To be sure of the process I suggest to you:

- No change the Master Server name,

- Do an Image catalog conversion with a tool that change file from Linux to Windows,

- I prefer not have devices configured inside the master server as a good practice and before the migration process,

- If you have few policies recreate them, if not is you have a lot of them try to convert the content inside the class directory, and transfer to the new server,

- for simplicity it's better to create a new EMM in the new master server, and manage the historical volume data in a Excel file, try to have additional cartridge to support your operation,

- If you want to transfer the EMM you will have to create symbolic links to the EMM previous route from linux to windows, that's the most difficult (but no impossible to do); that's tricky but works,

- If you are able to replicate the environment in virtual machines you can practice de migration process.

I'm going to look inside my company if I'm able to share the procedure (It's in Spanish) that We use for that migrations, but I'm sure if I'm able to.

Best regards,

let me give you some link

let me give you some link about that

Thanks, I'll check this Once


I'll check this

Once more Thank you