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Upgrade from 7.7.3 to 8.1.2

I need to move fast with an upgrade, can i jump from 7.7.3 to 8.1.2, or do i have to 2 step it? If i have to do the 2 step what version would be recommended 8.0 or 8.1.1? I am currently  running one Master on a ProLiant DL380 G7 with server 2008 R2 with 48 GB or Ram.  3 medias.

I have already  deployed a new  Ops Center Analytics server on windows 2016.  I was able to jump from7.7.3 to 8.1.2, was hoping to do the same for master and media.


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Re: Upgrade from 7.7.3 to 8.1.2

Yes you can upgrade directly from 7.7.3 to 8.1.2 in one go. I've done this many times without issue.

Review your config on sort to see what additional items you may need to be mindful about (such as MSDP fingerprint conversion).