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Upgrade to 7.6.1 failing

Level 5

My upgrade from NB to 7.6.1 is failing, below is the snippet of the error.

Operating system:

netbackup:/tmp> uname -a
SunOS netbackup 5.10 Generic_147440-25 sun4v sparc SUNW,SPARC-Enterprise-T5120


Snippet from install logs:

Participate in the NetBackup Product Improvement Program? [y,n] (y) y

Checking for required system conditions...

ok nbdb_ntfs_dir_symlink: inapplicable on solaris: skipping

ok remote_emm: No remote EMM is detected

Checking for recommended system conditions...

ok semaphore_limits: semaphore limits are high enough

not ok ulimit_nofiles: nofiles ulimit 256 is too low.

  NetBackup Master and Media Server processes may run slower if they are

  limited to fewer than 8000 open file descriptors.  This test runs

  'ulimit -n' and checks that the result is at least 8000 on NetBackup

  servers.  See

  for more information.

ok nb_761_hotfix_auditor: No potential for regression of hotfixes or EEBs was detected.

WARNING: One or more non-critical preinstall checks have failed.

Do you wish to continue? [y,n] (n) y

NetBackup is currently at release level

This package will install release level 7.6.1.

Checking for pre-existing SYMCnetbp package.

Removing pre-existing SYMCnetbp package.

ERROR:   Removal of package SYMCnetbp was unsuccessful.


== Checking for pre-existing package ==

application SYMCnetbp NetBackup and Media Manager


==== Removing pre-existing package ====

./install: pkgrm: not found



Accepted Solutions

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Pkgrm is in /usr/sbin. I bet its not in your $PATH. I bet it works if you are root. Try it. 

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Are you root user?

Level 5

No, not as root. But tried using sudo. Will it require only root user?

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Pkgrm is in /usr/sbin. I bet its not in your $PATH. I bet it works if you are root. Try it. 

Level 5

okay, let me try it...I'll update you.....the next downtime is after 12 hours...

Many thanks : )

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You need to be root to use pkg commands. Folders such as /var/sadm can only be written to by root during package removal and installation. Find a sysadmin who can login as root or can su. Check that pkg commands can be used before you try again. Try pkginfo as a test.

Level 6

This seems to be the problem:

not ok ulimit_nofiles: nofiles ulimit 256 is too low.

make sure that open files limit is the required 8000 before retrying the install

The standard questions: Have you checked: 1) What has changed. 2) The manual 3) If there are any tech notes or VOX posts regarding the issue

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I fully agrre to marianne. You should be root. Test for pkginfo, pkgrm and pkgadd. The locaations differs.

root@myhost # which pkgrm
root@myhost # which pkginfo
root@myhost # which pkgadd
root@myhost #

uname -a
SunOS myhost 5.10 Generic_150400-23 sun4v sparc sun4v
root@smyhost #

As you can see pkginfo is for all pkgrm and pkgadd are in sbin directory.

The ulimit value which is too low is no problem for upgrading or installation. But is recommended to change prior to upgrade. You may have performance issues.

Global you can use settings in /etc/system:

set rlim_fd_max = 8192
set rlim_fd_cur = 8192







Level 5

Root login worked and upgrade went successful.

Thanks a lot Mr. WVT :)

Wish I could add Marianne's post as solution as well. Thanks others for replying, appreciate your time.