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Upgrade to 7.7.2 caused status 50s on Unix clients

Level 1

Just upgraded my Unix clients to 7.7.2,

Now I'm seeing status 50s on several boxes, all  SPARK/Solaris10

I've asked our Unix admin to restart the client services, no good.

These all fail after about 10 minutes into the job. I've increased the timout to 4000 and killed any invalid servers in the server list in bp.conf.

Is there a known issue with Solaris clients post 7.7.2 upgdate?


Level 6


solaris 10 sparc update 11 x64 and later is supported from NBU 7.0. 

Is there any process getting crash/core dump on client?

Uninstall the NBU client and fresh install it again on client.

It seems to be corruption of some binary during upgrade


Thanks & Regards