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Upgrade to 8.3

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 I am planning to upgrade to Netbackup 8.3 from 7.7.3. The master and media servers are all at 7.7.3, as per the upgrade document an upgrade from 7.7.3 to 8.3 is fully supported. The Master server has to be upgraded first followed by the media servers, and then the clients.

 However, once the master is upgraded to 8.3 the minimum media server version it supports is 8.0. Just trying to get my head around the very high level steps, I need to follow like -

  1.  Can I upgrade to 8.3 directly, or should I first upgrade the master to 8.1.2, upgrade the media server to 8.1.2. In step 2 upgrade to 8.3
  2.  Or stop all services, master, media etc. Upgrade the whole environment and then start. Knowingly fully well the media server and clients versions would be incompatible till they are also upgraded




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First, check out this page if you have not so already.


In particular, the upgrade checklist is very useful for planning you upgrade.   You can select both start and end versions to get all the information you need.

If you are using deduplication via MSDP, there are extra steps.  In 8.1.2 we changed the fingerprint algorythm.  There is some suggested planning around that step to make things easier for yourself.

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The upgrade path you mentioned is correct but consider to convert MSDP fingerprint first before upgrading to 8.3

Assuming there are no MSDP servers, you can directly upgrade to 8.3.

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In my opinion;

Should upgrade Netbackup master and media to 8.2 first then about 1 week later plan to upgrade Netbackup master and media to 8.3 again.

The Netbackup clients can plan to upgrade later coz 8.3 master and media support 7.7.3 also.

Please check the OS, DB, and VMware version also support 8.3 on Netbackup clients.*&undefined&docRepo=true

Hi Clifford, I had checked those links but they do not contain the information I was looking for.

Hi, I might have to upgrade 8.1.2 as media server version at 7.7.3 support ends from this version.

Hi, I only have Appliances and no MSDP on the server itself. When you say upgrade straight to 8.3 is it taking the approach I had listed in point 2. i.e. "stop all services, master, media etc. Upgrade the whole environment and then start. Knowingly fully well the media server and clients versions would be incompatible till they are also upgraded"

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Yep, you are right, I am wrong about Compatibility between Master and media, 7.6.0.x,7.6.1,7.6.1.x, 7.7, 7.7.1, 7.7.2, 7.7.3


So we have 2 steps;
1 Upgrade master 7.7.3 to 8.1.2 first then Upgrade media to 8.1.2
2 Upgrade master to 8.3 then Upgrade media to 8.3

Thank you all for the suggestions. I am taking this feedback and will continue with the documents to fine tune the approach.

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You can upgrade the master to 8.3 directly from 7.7.x.
See NBU 8.x upgrade portal:

Be sure to read 8.3 Upgrade Guide.

Version 3.3 for appliances has not yet been released. You can upgrade appliances to 3.2 or else wait for 3.3. Appliance upgrades have separate documentation and checklists.

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When you say ''no MSDP on the server itself" can you clarify that?  If you have MSDP in the environment, you're going to have to go through fingerprint conversion as part of your upgrade process.  If these appliances are Media server heads for an OST storage device, then that's not applicable.

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Thank you for the response.


The problem I would face with a direct upgrade is my media servers which are at 7.7.3 as well will no longer be supported. Hence I am going ahead with planning for a two stage upgrade.

I have appliances.

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The most typical use of Appliances is MSDP dedupe.  You need to double check whether your appliances contain a dedupe pool (with or without a separate Advanced Disk pool too - highly likely), or whether they contain only an Advanced Disk pool (unlikely).

If any Appliances do contain MSDP, then pay heed to previous posts re finger-print conversion.


I would recommend doing it stepwise instead of directly to 8.3, as there are multiple features that have been added that may cause issues. 

1. Upgrade master from 7.7.3 > 8.1.2 (If OpsCenter is in use, upgrade OpsCenter first, then master, then media servers)

2. Run an MSDP fingerprint pre-conversion on the appliances that contain an MSDP disk pool ( Depending on the size of the pools, this can take days to complete. You can use this time to monitor your newly-upgraded master server for any issues from the upgrade.

3. Once pre-conversion completes, you can begin your upgrade process for the media servers to 8.1.2.

4. You can upgrade your clients at this point, or wait until you have the master and medias at 8.3. I'd recommend waiting at least 2-4 weeks at 8.1.2 before going to 8.3 to ensure that no backups are affected. If everything looks good at 8.1.2, there should be no issues going to 8.3.