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Upgrading Netbackup 8.0 -> 8.3

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Hello Everyone,


Its good to know that we have an awesome comunnity, first of all I hope everyone of you are safe in your homes,

I have a question about the upgrade of Netbackup:

I want to know the difficulty level and the risks that can happend when upgrading from 8.0 to 8.3,

In my environment We have like this:


1st location

1 master server

1 media server

backup to DD then to tape (lto3-4-5)

2nd location

1 master/media server 

backup to DD then to tape (lto3-4-5)


Thanks for the help given,


Best Regards,


Alejandro P.


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The upgrade itself shoud not be too difficult.  The 8.3 release notes and the Upgrade Guide provides the details for ugrading Windows Masters/Media servers.  Please read through them carefully.   After reading through the upgrade guide:

If you are at 8.0, know that the WebUI requires certain preprequisites, including a security account if you want to have a different party manage role-based access control (RBAC).  This is great for companies that need separation of duties.  Lots of new RBAC controls in 8.3 that may be of interest.

Keep track of the web services account, used for Tomcat, in case you need to restore.  The exact account credentials are needed if you have to restore the master.  


If you don't have a Customer Registration Key file already, from the Upgrade Guide:

On the Customer Registration Key screen, enter the location of the customer registration key. You download this file from the Veritas Smart Meter site and place the file on the appropriate master server. More information about VeritasSmart Meter is available.

The following URL provides additional answers to frequently asked questions.

To connect to Smart Meter, use the following URL.

I see you are NOT using media server dedup pool (MSDP).  Just to share with other folks who might be upgrading from before 8.1 and are using MSDP:

If you are using MSDP, the fingerprints were changed at NBU 8.1.  A fingerprint conversion is required.  See the Upgrade Guide for best practices in planning for the conversion.  Tools are available to verify health of the environemnt and what might need to change before proceeding with the fingerprint conversion.  Save yourself lots of the docs :)



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