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Use any available media server storage unit setting with OpenStorage

Level 4

Hello Colleagues,

I have the following situation: The Netbackup domain includes a master server with two media servers (MS1 and MS2) in two different datacenters (ex DC1 and DC2). On each datacenter there is a OpenStorage server (STS1 and STS2).

We have two storage units:

ST1=MS1 and STS1

ST2=MS2 and STS2

The permissions in both STS include both Media Servers.

We would like to include some better availability for the Storage Unit definitions. For instance:

For ST1, include the setting "Use any available media server", so for ST1 the backup path will use MS1 or MS2 and STS1. But we  would like to use "always" MS1 and STS1 (because both are on the same DC) only when MS1 is unavailable use MS2 and STS1 (only when MS1 fails).
The question is: how NBU use the Media servers available for backups to the same Storage Server, can we use a kind of "priority", always the first media server.
Thanks and best regards


Level 6

Hi @oolmedo 

If the storage unit can use either media server, then I believe that NetBackup will choose which ever media server is best (how best is defined is a complex question, but is partially based on load and availablity). 

Anyway, the only way I think you might be able to achieve what you desire (and I haven't tested this) is to use a storage unit group. The members of the STUG will be a STU that can write to the OST device with only a single media server (the OST device will still allow either media server access). Then use STUG properties to prefer one STU (and media server) over the other (failover might be best, but prioritised is another). 

For instance:
Storage units: ST1-MS1 (only MS1 can use) & ST1-MS2 (only MS2 can use). 
STUG: ST1-MS1 + ST1-MS2 (prioritised or failover)