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Using a particular media server

Level 6

I am behind the times and running 8.0 in a couple of my environments. One in particular is because I have some Alpha systems that still need to be backed up and 8.0 is the last version that supports them. I have a master server and a separate media server in this environment, so I can start the upgrade process to 8.3 and beyond on the master server, but I would need to keep the media server at 8.0 for the Alpha systems. I'm ready to do that but can't seem to figure out how to assign those backups to the correct media server. Everywhere I looked things are greyed out. Can someone enlighten me?


Level 6

Hi @smwoodcrafts 

The simplest way is by restricting which media servers have access to a particular storage unit. If the storage unit is also an OST type that allows multiple media servers to access - such as MSDP - then you may also want to remove the other media servers from having access (this is done under the credentials -> storage servers section in the GUI). 

If this doens't help - you need to provide more detail on the problem (maybe attach screen grabs of what you want to do but cannot).