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Utilizing SLP for vault

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Current environment:


  • Main DC:
    • Master: RHEL 6.7. NBU version 7.7.2
    • Mediaserver: RHEL 7.2 NBU version 7.7.2
  • Remote DC:
    • Master: RHEL 6.7. NBU version 7.7.2
    • Mediaserver: RHEL 7.2. NBU version 7.7.2

Both media servers are taking backups in their respective DC`s, and then they replicate the data through AIR to eachother. To achieve this i have created an SLP, which look likes this:

  • One used in Main DC:
    • Backup -> MSDP(Main DC)  
           Replication  -> MSDP (Remote DC)
  • One used in Remote DC:
    • Backup -> MSDP(Remote)
           Replication  -> MSDP (Main DC)

I have a taperobot connected to the Netbackup environment in Main DC. So what i am trying to achieve now is to create another duplication to tape, once a month for long term retention. So this duplication is going to run only once a month, and will have a different retention, for data from both mediaservers.

Here are some questions i have:

  1. How can i achieve this?
  2. My understanding is that i need to create another schedule and SLP, but just dont understand how?
  3. How will i be able to track the media used for this duplication, what about the eject report?


And to make the situation even worse, i also have a Forced rescan schedule setup to run every 6 months. If i end up creating new schedule for monthly backups, wonder what will happen if full, forced rescan and monthly all kicks at the same time. My understanding is that is uses the one with longest frequency which in this case would be forced rescan (6months).


Would appreciate some help here, thanks.




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Create monthly SLP in Prod and use it in both the monthly and six monthly schedules.




Create monthly SLP in DR


   Duplicate (tape)

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I will answer question 3:

How will i be able to track the media used for this duplication, what about the eject report?

You cannot do that with SLP.

SLP can replace the Duplication portion of a Vault profile but cannot perform ejects and offsite management of tapes.
You still need Vault if you have a requirement for these functions. 

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That would work for the data from DR. But for the data on our main DC, i would have to create a monthly SLP something like this:



    Duplicate to tapedrive (with 1 year retention) (will only use this for the Full_month schedule)


No replication will be needed to DR site, as we have a copy on tape for 1 year already. I would also need to create a new schedule called Full_month and chose to Override the policy storage selection, and selecting this SLP instead. Only concern i had was, what would happen when all thre schedules, (full, Full_6month_forced_rescan, and Full_month_tape will kick in. My understanding is that it will then do as follows:


  1. It will run the one with longest frequency, in this case Full_6month....... But that will result in not having a duplicated data to tape, which i would get if full_month schedule had run.
  2. Next week, full and full_month_tape will trigger, and sins Full_month.... has longe frequency, it will be prefered over Full, and so i will have a duplication to tape aswell.

In a scenario like one mentioned above, i will at worse have monthly duplication to tape delayed by 1 week. I dont see any other issues otherwise.



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I have heared you can generate a similar report from the OpsCenter. Dont know how effective it is. You have any experience with that?