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VADP VIP - Selecting Datastores & vMotion

NBU (Linux)

Hi all,

We have around 800 VMs in our environement which have low thresholds for vMotion...

When setting up VIPs for VM backups, if I select the vmware:/?filter=(Datastore StartsWith "") selection, what happens if one my my VMs decides to vMotion to a different datastore during the backup window? (Or before the XML file is refreshed)?

We have the 're-use VM query results' set to 8hrs. So if a particular VM already has a datastore associated with it in the XML file, then gets moves to a new datastore will the backup fail until the the query results are refreshed?

I have read the whitepapers and can see that NBU VADP is apparently vMotion & DRS aware, but how aware is it? 

Any advice would be appreciated.




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Ok, I think I found what I

Ok, I think I found what I was looking for in the VMware best practise guide.

With a slower refresh rate, new virtual machines may not be included immediately in the next backup. New or changed virtual machines are included when the cache is refreshed. Note that fewer vCenter resources are consumed with a slower refresh rate.

The default is eight hours. For eight hours, NetBackup uses the cache and does not attempt to rediscover virtual machines. Changes to the virtual environment do not affect the cache during that period. After eight hours, the next execution of the policy causes NetBackup to rediscover virtual machines. If any changes match a rule in the query, the list of selected virtual machines is modified accordingly.