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VCS global cluster option.

Level 6


Once again a 3rd party consultancy company has been bought in to configure our backup architecture.

We have three major sites all on a one gig redundant connection each serving around 300 servers.

Their recommended plan is to put in place a clustered master server at one site configured with VCS.  Failover nodes will be located at the secondary site with the intention of using the GCO and volume replicator to provide synchronization of the catalogue file system between SANs at the two sites.

If both the master servers are lost at the primary site then the secondary site will take over although they mention that the IP address of the master server will need to be updated in DNS.

What disadvantages are there with only having one master server covering all sites (other than if it’s unavailable)?

Has anyone else got experience with replicating the catalog database that could help me understand how this process works?