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VM Backup failed with status code 6

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Hello Guys!

Can you help me?

I have some virtual server backups that are failing with status code 6 when backing up via san.

Servers are only backing up via network (nbd)

I checked the disk configurations, the datastore are presented for the media server, I checked if they had a raw device and also the files inside /tmp/vmware-root of the media server as the link:

Has anyone seen anything like it?

There are other servers on the same datastore that are backing up normally.

Server settings:

Vcenter v6.5

esx: 6.5

Virtual Machine: red hat enterprise 6.10 (Santiago) x86_64

Media server: red hat enterpise 7.9

Netbackup: 8.2


Accepted Solutions

We ran bpclntcmd -clear_host_cache, restarted VM Host and the backups started working again.

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All the VMs can backup without errors through NBD?

Some VMs are showing errors through SAN... but some are not?

I recomend checking exactly what is the problem, there must be a log delivering more information. Also see



All VMs can perform backups through NBD without error, when we change to SAN the backup of this VM fails.

What I find unusual is that they are machines identical to others that are normally doing through SAN.


@danguss Have you tried running a backup manually for just the VM which did not run backup via SAN? I usually test that by adding a string in the Notes field of VM (in vCenter) and then adding that criteria in the query for the policy. In the test policy, you can also choose just to use SAN transport, so that it does not failover to nbd.


We ran bpclntcmd -clear_host_cache, restarted VM Host and the backups started working again.