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VM backups fail with status 156

Level 6

I am seeing certain virtual machines fail their VM backup with a status 156 snapshot error. I have several backup policies configured in the same way, and 99% work without any issues. But I have one policy where 2 clients fail with a 156 error. All my VM VADP policies are configured to backup by VM folder name. And snapshot client options are set as "client name selection = VM display name".

The policy in question is configured exactly the same, and the display names for the 2 clients contain VMware and Netbackup allowed ASCII characters. The policy also has the "virtual machine quiesce" option set to disabled. Both VM clients have VMware tools installed.

I have checked the bpfis logs on my VADP media server, and cannot see anything that highlights a problem.

My environment is Windows 2008 R2 / NBU and ESX 5.0.

Thought I'd post here to see if anyone has any ideas, before I open a support case.



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Hi ,


Try deleting and adding those client on the policy also to uninstalling and reinstalling VMware Tools without the VMWare VSS on those client , if the problem still persist , pls share us the bpfis logs .

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Can you login to VSphere and manually create a snapshot of the 2 VMs in question?


I find this to be the easiest step in troubleshooting..


Second can you turn up logging on the backup host for bpfis as well as bpcd and post the log file?

Level 5

start or restart Volume Shadow Copy Services on that Widows Server.