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VM datastore LUNs presented to ESX hosts and also NBU appliance

Level 4

I like to get some advice on NBU appliance.

When I issuce the FC > show command, it gave me a list of disks mounted from a netapp storage

**** Ports ****
Bus ID Slot Port Port WWN Status Physical State Configuration Type Speed Remote Ports
81:00.0 Slot4 1 21:00:00:24:FF:8C:CC:DA Online Initiator Initiator 8 gbit/s 0x500110a0008d8280
81:00.1 Slot4 2 21:00:00:24:FF:8C:CC:DB Online Initiator Target(MSDP) 8 gbit/s 0x500a09868061676f

**** Devices ****
Device Vendor ID Type Remote Port
/dev/sg10 NETAPP 515d47383536684f LUN 0x500a09828061676f
/dev/sg11 NETAPP 542b473835365868 LUN 0x500a09828061676f
/dev/sg12 NETAPP 542b47383536586c LUN 0x500a09828061676f
/dev/sg13 NETAPP 515d47383536684f LUN 0x500a09868061676f
/dev/sg14 NETAPP 542b473835365868 LUN 0x500a09868061676f
/dev/sg15 NETAPP 542b47383536586c LUN 0x500a09868061676f

I went into elevated maintenance mode, it shows something list this :

<!-- Maintenance Mode --!>
maintenance's password:
maintenance-!> lsscsi -g
[0:2:0:0] disk Intel RMS25CB080 3.40 /dev/sda /dev/sg0
[1:2:0:0] disk Intel MegaSR 1.0 /dev/sdb /dev/sg1
[2:0:0:0] tape HP Ultrium 3-SCSI M63W /dev/st0 /dev/sg8
[2:0:0:1] mediumx HP MSL G3 Series 7.30 /dev/sch0 /dev/sg9
[3:0:0:0] disk NETAPP LUN 820a /dev/sdc /dev/sg2
[3:0:0:1] disk NETAPP LUN 820a /dev/sdd /dev/sg3
[3:0:0:10] disk NETAPP LUN 820a /dev/sde /dev/sg4
[3:0:1:0] disk NETAPP LUN 820a /dev/sdf /dev/sg5
[3:0:1:1] disk NETAPP LUN 820a /dev/sdg /dev/sg6
[3:0:1:10] disk NETAPP LUN 820a /dev/sdh /dev/sg7

I am not sure how to interpret all this.

From the netapp storage with WWPN 0x500a09828061676f , I only see one LUN (used for creating VMDKs ) mapped to this NBU appliance. But in the NBU appliance, i see more than one disk detected..

For example, if we present a LUN to a physical Windows server, we can see that single LUN in Disk Management. We can see the disk size, the LUN ID, etc..but I don't know how to interpret the result as shown above in the NBU appliance. Anyway to find how these disks are being used ?

Can someone please advice if you know how to read the results of the FC/show



Level 6

hi @cc1702004 

What I see looks perfectly okay. The multiple entries showing indicate to me that you have multiple SAN paths to the storage array (which is always good). So although there appear to be multiple NETAPP LUNs, in fact only one LUN from the NetApp is presented. 

Further - the appliance looks to have two FC connections active, and I suspect that on the NetApp you have three FC connections active (at least for this LUN). This is shown with the lsscsi -g command output. 3:0:0:x and 3:0:1:x refer to each appliance FC port, and the last number (0,1 & 10) refer to a path (FC) to the LUN.