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VMWARE and mount points

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My customer has an issue on a linux vm. When he restores files from his machine he can't see files that are on an other filesystem mounted under /opt.

So the VM has 3 disks, normal os, swap and data disk. In the restore gui for policy type vmware and restore type virtual machine I can see all 3 vmdks in the backup, when I select normal restore I can see all files and folders except the files and folders below the mount point.


Is this normal behaviour ? When we use normal agent backup (backup like physical) it's all ok and I can see all the files and folders below the mount point.

I checked the partition table and they are both msdos (not gpt) and filesystem is ext3. Using bplist commando I can't see the mount point either, it is not listed.


Or is it simply not possible to restore single items that are located under a mount point from a vmware type backup ?


NBU version is


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I have marked maurijo post with feedback from Veritas/symantec support as a solution.