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VMWare VM backup size


I have 20 TB VM which  have 15 disks attached. My total disk usage is 450 gb when i check from os.

But my backup size is 900 gb now and backup is still running. I'm a little confused about that.

Is there anybody have an idea?


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Re: VMWare backup size

You need to provide some more details, without that it will take much longer to troubleshoot...

E.g. Detailed log of backup job, details about the backup policy using bppllist <policyname> -L , VM details (total data, snapshots size/number, etc.)

Re: VMWare VM backup size

Hi, please provide more information such as :

1. is this the 1st time taking backup of this VM?

2. If this is not the 1st time, what was the previous image size? bpimagelist will give you this information

3. If this is the 1st time, what is actual use space vs free and total capacity of the VM. Not the Datastore size.

Re: VMWare VM backup size

can you help with following

1. what provisioning  for the Disks  is it ? Thik or Thin ?

2. Is it VMware or HyperV or Nutanix ?

3. any specific reason for such heavy VM ?


Re: VMWare VM backup size

I exclude the data disks  from VMware backup policy and i create file policy for  the other part of it.