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VMWare VM recovered without IP

Level 3

Dear All,


When I try to recover a VM through NetBackup, i found that the VM is recovered without any IP. I have already assigned the related network card during recovery.


May I knwo is there anything I can do?




Level 6

From Page 143:

Strip network
information from
the virtual machine
that has been

Verifies that the virtual machine that the restore creates does
not have the same IP address as the virtual machine that was
backed up. The network information is deleted at the time of
the restore.
The default is to retain the IP information. Use the default if:
■ You have already deleted the virtual machine that was backed
up, and
■ You want the restored virtual machine to keep the same IP
information as the original virtual machine.


Hope that helps.

Level 3

I have the same issue however page 143 of the VMware Admin Guide appears to pertain only to VCB.  I never get the pop up box when accessing the BAR.  How do you check if you are using Vstorage?