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VMWare restore policy error for individual file/folder restore

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Hi Experts\Symantec,

This issues has happen so many times and sometime success sometimes not.

I try to restore individual file for vm which backup using VMWare policy but unfortunately failed with exit status 48 client hostname could not be found or 59 access to client was not allowed when i entered the ip address of the client as a destination. The error code is 2880 - NBU vmware policy error. I've already installed the netbackup client to each vm (linux&windows).

Some vm cannot backup using hostname as primary identifier where nothing display for the hostname when browsing the client - why?. then i choose display name. Backup and restore successful for vmdk but not as normal backup to restore individual file/folder.

It even worse when after i tried to edit the vmware policy to change/browse vm client (after change from display name to hostname as primary identifier) the message error prompt "the client for policy could not be deleted from the list status 238 database contain conflicting or errornuoes entries (238)".

I've updated the host entries of both master & media server with the hostname and the ip address of the vm client, this time backup failed. the backup only successfull when i keep the host entries without updating these hostname & ipaddress of the vm client inside both master and media server.

What exactly the root cause and the solution? Can someone explain what is the correct step to compare my step in configuring the vmware policy.




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The client also needs to be able to resolve media server's IP address to a hostname that exists in client's SERVER list (bp.conf on Unix/Linux clients and registry on Windows) Did you create bpcd log folder on the client to troubleshoot connectivity issues? And bpbrm on the media server? Did you remember to refresh NBU host cache after updating hosts files?