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VMware SAN backup failed

Level 4


Our 8.2 Netbackup master Netbackup Server is a VM with HBA card directly patched through to it from its ESXi host.

And we have 2 vCentres, both of which can be accessed and back-up by this Netbackup master Server.

The 2 vCentre have the same version of vSphere Server (6.7) and datastore (VMFS 6),

And the backup of the VMs from the both vCentre use SAN transport mode.

This setting had been running perfectly fine for at least 2 years until today, after we upgraded its hosting ESXi Server from 6.0 to 6.5, the Netbackup master Server can't do SAN backup for the VMs under one of the vCentres.

However, it can still do SAN backup for VMs under another vCentre.

We have checked and confirmed that all the datastores (LUNs) are still presented to the Netbackup Server.

I've attached the vmware log file for one of the failed VMs, hoping someone on this forum can give me a hand ?





Level 6

HI @KelvinHBLi 

Interesting - some questions first. Has the ESXi version changed for anything other than the ESXi server running the master server? Or in other words, what else has changed?

Is there any difference between the working and non-working backups other than the vCenter server that manages them? What are the ESXi versions that these VMs run on?

The log seems to indicate that the datastore for the VM cannot be seen via SAN - has the upgrade affected how the HBA card presents. Are you able to see all the relevant datastores from the master now - has the change affected SAN zoning in some way)?

BTW - I didn't think this was a supported configuration. 


Hi David,

Apart from the ESXi (hosting the Netbackup master Server) version changed from 6.0 to 6.5, the datastore format hosting the Netbackup master Server also changed from VMFS 5 to VMFS 6

Yes, we are able to see all the datastores from the Netbackup master Server.

And there is no Zoning changing for the Netbackup master Server.



Hi David,

I just tried a HotAdd mode, and it failed too.

The log file says "You do not have access rights to this file"

So, not sure if it is actually a permission issue ?

I've uploaded the new log file.

Hi @KelvinHBLi 

It appears that NetBackup can identify the required VMDK file to attempt to mount, 
but this fails with error 13 (You do not have access rights to this file). 

One of the requirements for hotadd is that the ESXi server where the backup host runs has access/visibility to all required datastores. I think you will also need port 902 open. 

Have you tried NBD transport?


Hi David,

I think I've figured out why HotAdd also failed on the master Server.

This is probably because the limitation of HotAdd is to only have 60 disks (4 SCSI cards x 15 disk each) mounted on the master Server, whereas the master already has 73 LUNs (datastores) presented to it for SAN transport...

If we go back to the SAN transport, I'm just thinking, is this VDDK built-in by the version of the Netbackup Server ? In other words, if there is problem with the VDDK (say, after the upgrade of the hosting ESXi Server), then, maybe, upgrading teh Netbackup from the current 8.2 to 8.3 can solve the problem ?

Or, can we just simply download the latest package and apply it to the master ?