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VMware v-ray Backup with Symantec Netbackup

Hi Everyone,

I have a vSphere ESXi 5.0 Environment with three ESXi hosts in HA cluster on VMware Vcenter Server.

The Storage LUNs are provided from NetApp and NetApp vStorage Console 4.0 has been integrated with vCenter Server.

I will have NetBAckup on Windows Master/Media on same Server.

Can you plase give your valuble suggestion on how to configure v-ray, VIP and VMware Offhost backup's in detailed.(Agent Less)

Like where showld i download VADP and how to install etc.. in detailed highly appreciated if it like step by step 



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Do i need a VMware Backup

Do i need a VMware Backup host?

How to configure this? 

Nothing special to download

Nothing special to download and install. Your master server can be backup hosts. 
All you need is Enterprise Client license (one per ESX server) on the Master server to enable VMware type policy.

All information (overview, requirements, tasks, detailed instructions) in NetBackup for VMware Administrator's Guide  

Some good information (including how to disable automount on the backup host) in this article:

NetBackup for VMware backup host

The VMware backup host must be a Windows server.  Since your NetBackup Master/Media is Windows, it could be also be configured as the backup host.  Ideally you would have a separate NetBackup Media Server acting as the VMware backup host, but this isn't an option for everyone.

Basically, configuring a backup host consists of adding a fully qualified server name to the NetBackup configuration.  Next, you specify the credentials that the backup host needs to access VMware -- For example, you could specify the same credentials you use to log in to vSphere client.

From the Admin Console, click Host Properties > Master Servers, double-click the Master, and then select VMware Access Hosts.  Click 'Add' to configure a new backup host (aka Access Host.)

Once the backup host has been specified, expand Media and Device Management in the Admin Console, then Credentials > Virtual Machine Servers.  Right-click Virtual Machine Servers and select 'new.'  Specify the name of your vCenter server and provide username/password.

For more detailed information, refer to the NetBackup for VMware 7.5 Administrator's Guide.  

Page 18, Table 1-1 describes the components of NetBackup for VMware (beginning with the backup host.)  This is a good place to start, as understanding what the components do is important.

Chapters 2 through 5 also contain valuable information (too much to list here.)

Since you're on, I'd recommend keeping the following bug in mind:


BUG REPORT: After upgrading to NetBackup virtual machine (VMware) backups run multiple times, eventually failing with status code 196 reported.


  Thanks Marinnie and


Thanks Marinnie and ferguson for the information.

I am also  going through the NBU 7.5 Admin Guide for VMware.

I am having the following licenses.


Is the above licenses sufficient.
If i am using Netbackup Master and media as backup host for VMware backup's i think i dont need to install client software again.
Please correct me if i am wrong.

Yes. your license is

Yes. your license is sufficient.

You don't need to install anything else - server software includes client binaries.

Good luck!

Hi Marianne, Thanks for the

Hi Marianne,

Thanks for the clarification.

In My Scenario NBU Master/Media/VMware Backup Host will be on a same phisical host.

I assume that one to one Zones will be configured on SAN switch from backup server fc port with All the three ESXi hosts and NetApp controller FC ports. (Is this correct)

How how does the data transfer to Media Server is it from NetApp directly or through ESXi hosts? 


Zoning details are best

Zoning details are best answered in VMware SAN Configuration Guide - see VMware web site.

Backup data flow will be via SAN, directly from datastores to Backup Host - see diagrams in NBU for VMware manual and Connect article - see links in earlier post.