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VMware - vCenter dying - command line test to see if vCenter services are running.

Level 6

Occasinally one of our vCenters dies and all the VMware api backups die with it.  Is there a simple command to test to see if the vCenter services are running?

I am reluctant to use the command nbdiscover because of the unnecessary workload that it might place on vCenter during the peak backup periods.

The simplest would probably to test if netbackup can log onto vCenter but the facility seems to be GUI console only and probably unwise to hardcode passwords in scripts.



Level 5

If your vCenter server is a windows machine, why not setup a scheduled task with a trigger that checks to see if the vCenter services are running? If they aren't running send an email out.

I have to do it from the backup environment as I don't have access to the server and not a VMware admin.    I think vCenter is actaully an appliance not server running windows