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Vault Catalog errors (227)

Level 3

I have a problem with my vault/catalog process, today it has run ok and completed but has only reported and ejected 2 tapes, 1 catalog and 1 data tape.  We know this should have really ejected about 13 tapes as we did 13TB of backups over the weekend, due to report it would appear that NB does not know about the clients or images it has backed up over the weekend.  However even though the policies are saying completed ok there is an error message of db_flist_complete failed: no entitiy was found (227)

I have checked the bpdbm log and seen the following errors:

10:45:21.672 [553158] <16> collect_critical_backup_media_info: read_catdrinfo(VltCat-Backup-0) failed (227)
10:45:21.672 [553158] <16> collect_catlog_backup_media_information: collect_critical_backup_media_info() failed (227)
10:45:21.673 [553158] <16> flist_complete: collect_catalog_backup_media_information() failed: no entity was found (227)
10:45:21.673 [553158] <2> bpdbm: request complete: exit status 227 no entity was found

Thanks in advance


Level 3
Hi - I believe this to be partialy resolved. When we ran the vault/cat this morning there were some backups running so these were added to the exclude list in vault management, however as the screen is a little misleading, when you click on the policies to exclude button you have to make sure that the "exclude" tick box is also checked otherwise it will only include those policies added in the catalog which is what happened with us, it only ejected the media for the 3 policies that were added.

I would however like to know why we are getting the 227 error as this seems to happen everytime we run vault/cat


Level 6
From the Troubleshooter:
"A common cause for this problem is a query that has no matching images."

Also, check this tech note for Status Code 227