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Vault Expiration

Level 3
Hi Everyone,
Something that puzzles me. Currently in our environment we backup as follows:
Client dumps backup images to disk. Vault / Duplication duplicates to tape. Vault then expires images on disk.
The only problem is that it's always leaving 3 days worth of images on the disk. There might be something I'm missing, I did put down in the Vault options to expire everything between 48 and 0 hours. Is there something I'm missing here?
Can anyone help me out?
Thanks in advance.
- Adam

Level 2
In the Vault profile on the duplication tab you should see down towards the bottom a check box to expire the orginal disk backup image after so many hours and a place to specify the number of hours.
The 48 to 0 hours I believe you are refering to are the selection options for searching for images to duplicate.

Expire Original Disk Backup Images 

The length of time (in hours) after the Vault session runs to expire the original backups on disk (applies only if original backup images are on disk). You can use this option to force an earlier expiration time for the images so the disk space is freed up for use by subsequent backups. 

If the duplication of a disk image is not successful, the disk image will not be expired. 

Level 3
Thanks for your reply.
I had that option checked and even put it down to 30 hours. A problem I was encountering as well was that no images were being expired. I found the images on tape so I expired these manually (worst ever).
Good bye 1 hour of my life.
I restarted the services on the box made sure that I had all my options checked, etc and called it a day. I came back this morning to find that everything had worked the way it should have, images were expired and things were running smoothly.
Putting this one down to a 'bleh' scenario.