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Vault Report?

Level 6

NBU - 7.0  Capacity based

OS - Server 2k8 R2


I'm still in the configuration stage of implementing NBU.  Last week, I created a Vault process, and this weekend it ran, with 2 tapes in the eject this morning.  What I'd like to do is figure out what was put on these tapes, as the backup size should not have been anywhere close enough to fill 2 tapes.  Is there a way of seeing this through Opcenter, or is there another way?




Joe Heaton 


Level 4

You can open the admin console, go to Reports>Tape Reports>Images On Tape. Put in the media ID then run the report. It will tell you what's on the tape and the size. In OpsCenter, from the Home page, select Media, then filter for the tapes that you want. This will give you a high level view of the media.

Level 5
Partner Accredited Certified

1.  A catalog backup tape could have been ejected.  Catalogs are written to their own tapes.

2.  Could be that there were two write drives for the vault policy, so two tape drives were writing at the same time to two different tapes for the vault job. 

3.  Could be that the tapes ejected had backups of different retention periods.  By default, NetBackup doesn't mix backed up data of different retention periods on the same tape.