Vault backup and catlog to the same tape

So I'm working on setting up our offsite backups.  Our backup needs are very small and we back up all our data to disk (we have lots of it).  I'm looking at implementing our offsite backups, retained for 3 years, using vault to a small tape library we have attached.  The library contains an LTO6 drive.  A full backup of all of our systems would fit comfortably on one LTO6 tape.  As I understand it, Vault jobs should be able to duplicate system backups to a tape, but that the Vault Catalog Backup will go to a separate tape.  So my question is this:  Is it possible to have a Vault job perform a duplication of all our systems backups on to one tape and then perform a Vault Catalog backup to the same tape?  Thanks.

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Re: Vault backup and catlog to the same tape

Unfortunately not possible.

NetBackup Catalog can only be backed to volume pool(s) with CatalogBackup attribute.

Re: Vault backup and catlog to the same tape

I was thinking of a workaround, but turn out you cannot backup a normal policy to "CatalogBackup" volume pool either... Smiley Wink

You don't really have to use the Vault for catalog backup. Just have your catalog backup write to disk, then use your vault to duplicate that path as well to fit into same tape. Caveat - it will be more troublesome for you to do recovery because now you cannot recovery directly from a tape, you need to keep your disk copy very well-protected!

Re: Vault backup and catlog to the same tape


It is not possible.Catalog backup has to be taken on  separate dedicated media and it should be in catalog backup volume pool.