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Vault problem

Level 2
We have recently upgraded netbackup from 5.0 directly to 6.5 and we are trying to figure out what is happening with vault commands..Vault seem to be running ok but the report window returns nothing and also we cannot eject the tapes using vtleject.
Has anyone noticed what changes have been made to this procedure?
thank you in advance...

Level 6

There have been some changes to the vaulting between NetBackup 5.x and 6.x.  Did you get your hands on the upgrade PDFs?

Hopefully I can give you some assistance here.


  1. NetBackup Vault robotic volume group name changes.  If you have NetBackup Vault installed, you must change the robotic volume group names to work with NetBackup 6.x.
  2. Netbackup versions prior to 6.0 use the following robotic volume group name format:
    1. Twocharacters_threecharacters_robotcontrolmode

                                                               i.      Example: 00_000_TLD

  1. NetBackup 6.x uses the following robotic volume group name format.
    1. Threecharacter_fivecharacters_robotcontrolmode

                                                               i.      Example: 000_00000_TLD


** This information comes from Technote 285590 Version C.


It is important to make these changes or your vault will fail. Chances are, you are getting an error 310 which tends to be a media volume group error.


To correct this, follow the guidance above. And some of the steps below I had to fight through to correct the same problem.


  1. You will need to add the new volume groups to Media and Device Management>Volume Groups
    1. By default HCART as follows

                                                               i.      HCART: 000_00000_TLD

    1. By default HCART3 is as follows

                                                               i.      HCART3: 001_00000_TLD

  1. Move all your media to the appropriate volume group
  2. Change the robotic volume group for all your vaulting policies under Vault Management>robot drive>Vault Name

Level 6
Good post from Casey,
I upgraded recently from 5.1 to 6.0 and had to account for Vault as well.
Fortunately we had a smooth transition =)

Did you remember to install the new Vault Option binaries from the Options CD?
And the pertinent MP for it as well?

Here's the tech note about Volume Groups:
Default format of robotic volume group names has changed in Veritas NetBackup (tm) 6.0. What impact does this have on Vault?