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Vautl offsite error return code 294

Level 6

Dear All,

We setup the vault onsite and offsite policy to eject media. I check the error messages return 294, but the tape can eject on the slot but still failed with the code.  I check the session log , there is no any meaning message to report this failed.  I check the catalogue backup start up schedule same as the vault offsite list.  I have no idea if there is the problem when running the policy conflict.  May I know if you have such experience on this error code?






Have you checked this article?




Thank you !

Let me check it 


I check the doc. it is not the same as our situation. 

May I know if you have another hints to assist me to fix it  

error code 287.jpeg

I check the window media server, to report the event of Daemons has terminated abnormally and No Robots are cofigured not implemented. Except for vault offsite error, the backup job running as usual with no error.  I tried to restart the backup daemon but error still happen.