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Veritas Alta™ Recovery Vault Videos for Azure and AWS! Plus EXTRAS!

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Hi Friends,

Got more exciting news for you!  Have you heard of Veritas Alta™ Recovery Vault?  No?  Well, I'm glad you're here!

Veritas Alta™ Recovery Vault is a cloud-based data retention service that provides a seamless, fully managed secondary storage option for NetBackup users.

It's super cool and I think you'll think so too!

Take a look at how to connect Veritas Alta™ Recovery Vault to AWS.



Did I mention I also wrote a deployment guide on how to setup the whole thing?

Did I mention I also wrote a guide on how to import backed up images from Veritas Alta™ Recovery Vault into a disaster recovery NetBackup instance in the event your primary backups are lost or even if the entire site is lost?

Just some of the coolness around Veritas Alta™ Recovery Vault.  Have a look and let us know what you think!



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Hi Guys,

For performance purposes, I must deploy a new NetBackup Media server on Cloud so we can duplicate faster the Cloud point snapshots to the NetBackup Recovery vault.

I have a couple of questions, what are the requirements especially in the storage of the media server considering the customer has almost 7TB of data in production in the azure cloud?

Will any of the data be retained in the new media server?

Using NetBackup Recovery Vault, granular recovery will be possible?

FYI, we deployed Cloud Point in the cloud but moving to the recovery vault is taken forever because or media server is on-prem...



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Hi Neil
Your info you share is precious and I want to see more video from you.
What I need now is a video shows how to create a recovery vault to AWS with object lock. Your manual is straight  forward but I had hard time to configure it. In fact we had not configure it yet and support had difficulties too with AWS.

Also, what you need to have on the manual is how to add a second netbackup domain to write to the same Recovery Vault.