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Veritas NetBackup certification advice

I have been thinking for sometime now about the Veritas NetBackup certification. I have been managing 3 NetBackup domains for more than 3yrs now. Even though my employer does not require me to pass the certification, I think it would be definitely a feather in the cap and also a good way to have a thorough review of administration and troubleshooting.

From Curriculum path design, I think the VCS-274* should be my objective. I was thinking of reviewing the Administration Vol1 & 2 and Troubleshooting guide for the preparation. However, is there any resource where I can sample questions to gague where I current knowledge stands? E.g. 2 or 3 practice tests of even half the size of actual test would be nice.

For those who have taken the exam for certification, and I know there are quite a few names of this community which come to mind, what pointers do you suggest for prospective students?


* - Or is it VCS-275, as "Administration of Veritas NetBackup" bubble links to VCS-275, which has the title "VCS-275: Administration of Veritas NetBackup 7.7 and NetBackup Appliances 2.7".

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Re: Veritas NetBackup certification advice

X2, unfortunately I can't share any questions from the exam because of NDA but I can tell that the exam isn't unbelievably hard. If you have 3 years of real experience you wouldn't struggle with it. You need to check objectives and sample exam ob Veritas site:

Good luck with the exam!

Re: Veritas NetBackup certification advice



since you have Netbackup 7.7 the exam 274 should be rthe right one. The 275 only if you have experiance with appliances.