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Veritas Netbackup Version Compatability.

Hi Experts,

We are proposing a backup and restore solution for one of the customer. I would like to verify a few things since the platform is running for quite some time and the current HW and OS have been there for long:


Current HW: Sun T5440

OS : SunOS l281 5.10 Generic_150400-11 sun4v sparc sun4v


  1. Is the netbackup version 7.7.3 compatible with this OS/HW?
  2. Should the netbackup masterserver and client (in our case the our DB client) be on the same type of OS, i.e. since the OS of the client is solaris, so must we choose solaris for the masterserver OS?
  3. Any strict requirement on OS version to be the same, i.e. the client has Solaris 10, so the masterserver must be also on Solaris 10?

Will highly appreciate if someone can please help!




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Re: Veritas Netbackup Version Compatability.

Hi Pd1,

The link below is from the Veritas NetBackup 7.7.x Software Compatibility List, and should take you straight to the Oracle Solaris OS:

Wow - the OS they are running is fairly ancient (SunOS 5.x was released in 1992).  As you can see, that is no longer supported - only Solaris 10 and 11 currently.  You would need to install 7.7.3 on a newer supported OS and CPU architecture.

You don't mention if they are currently running NetBackup, or wether you are thinking of implementing a new setup.  A new setup on new supported hardware and OS would be the easiest.  If they are currently running NetBackup on SunOS, then we might need more details (version and patch level - and do they still have the installation media?) to determine the best path.

The Master Server and client can be any OS, as long as they are on the SCL.  There is no requirement for them to be the same.  There is also the Media Server to consider as well.  This can be separate, or can be the same server as the Master - so long as it has enough grunt to perform both roles.  Once again, no requirement for these to be the same - you could have a Master running Windows, a Media Server running Linux, and a Client running AIX Unix.

Another little point that may help:  Veritas dropped client support for 32-bit Linux a while ago.  While there is no client for 32-bit Linux, if you can virtualise them then you can take advantage of NetBackup VMware backups - no client install required.

Hope this helps,


Re: Veritas Netbackup Version Compatability.

Just for the record:

SunOS 5.10 = Solaris 10.

Please check SORT and NetBackup 7.7.3 Release Notes  for recommended kernel patch. 

Re: Veritas Netbackup Version Compatability.

Thanks Marianne Smiley Very Happy

Pd1 - Also please take note of Footnote 3 in the SCL.  It references performance issues that can occur in large environments with UltraSPARC-T Series processors.