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Veritas Netbackup for windows Interview question


Someone able to provide me veritas netbackup for windows interview question.n unswers??
If  yes den pls e-mail me at

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Mug up

netbackup is not the product which one can mugup in a night

you can give the sample test on below mentioned link...

also there is one similar thread in connect, link is as mentioned below...

for more information you can go to site, this site does not require any sign-up

also you can google the same Smiley Happy


Interview question

Thanks deepak but i hav experiwnce in veritas netbackup on windows platfomr but till yet i didnt attend the netbackup inetrveiew only this bcoz i ha raise this query...

maybe take a typing class

sorry but your last post is barely readable

You made me LOL in the

You made me LOL in the office!!

May be...

you may be already working on NBU, I dont have any idea. You asked for the stuff so I replied Smiley Happy

How would I know that if you haven't mentioned??


buddy an interview is a test of your knowledge........

Wise men say  that the sure way to success is hard work supplemented by smart thinking.

Frankly speaking , I can list more than 200 questions that I can ask in an interview, that too just in core netbackup. If we include nbu agents - sql, sharepoint, oracle  ,exchange etc etc etc......., the list may well cross 500 questions !

Every paragraph in the netbackup administrator's guide is an answer (to something that the product does and is capable of doing ). The key to cracking an interview is your knowledge

Working on a product such as netbackup is not that easy as it looks.!!!!

Do some  'break and fix'  in your dev environment. Create a vm image and start testing

no points

Sad thing about ignoring a post is that you don't get any points.

Thnaks to u All

Hey guyes thanks to u all..sry to late reply..

Hi, But if i get chnace to


But if i get chnace to work on netbackup den only i ll come to know da actuall senario...m trying very hard to crack da interview pls e-mail me interview questions and would more helpfull for me n my carrier..if u r able to do...

Hi deepak , thanks for da

Hi deepak ,

thanks for da reply but i need to crack this interview

how do i backup netbackup catalog backup ??
pls unswer in steps...


Hi Stumpr,

Pls help me i want grow my self in veritas netbackup..currently i am working on netbcakup 6.5 on windows platform but i dont have interview knowledge if u able to provide me some of inetrview hints would be more helpful for me to crack the inetrview....

What process controle DLT

What process controle DLT Tape Librabry ??

What process controle DLT

What process controle DLT Tape Librabry ??

I sometimes this this forum

I sometimes this this forum is turning in to a place for people to ask interview questions. There must have been 3 or 4 threads on this. It seems that people think they can learn Netbackup in an evening and just talk there way through an interview.

If you work on netbackup why do you need interview questions AND ANSWERS?!?!? surely your meant to know the answers without being told.

It all sounds a bit fishy to me!


It's a good place to learn & we're all here to help where we can, but there's a plethora of info out there just waiting to be read! ;-)

Check this -

Today i was searching for some errors in google and found this link, this is having all day to day activities in GUI Step by Step as well as command line usage :-)

and some more extra stuffs, check it out  !