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Veritas Netbackup status code 1 (Error bpbrm (pid=3642))

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hi everyone,

Veritas Netbackup installed on unix and unix machine running oracle 11GR2 using RMAN

i am receving an error message on vertias netbackup while doing backups on tape. i get status code 1 error message.when i check the details i found the following error. 'ERROR bpbrm (PID=3642) from client benkp90: ERR-Read error at byte 0 reading 4882 bytes in file /phy_bkp/INC_bkp.rman.Errno = 1:NOT OWNER.'


i tried to check the permission on backups server they are all fine but didnt figure it out kindly guide me on the issue


thank you for your time




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Backup type? Standard? Oracle Agent?

How is backup initiated? Scheduled from the master or user intitated from the client?

Backups scheduled from master are running as 'root'.
User-initiated backups are run with the user's set of permissions that's doing the backups.

Have another look at permissions with the above in mind.

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You Have to user oracle runs the backups and check the ownership of their scripts.

The owner has to be" su - oracle"

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thank you for replyinh .here are the details


having backup server with solaris 10 and 11 gr2 on it and backups done by RMAN targeting the oracle 11GR2 RAC.

veritas Netbackup 6.5 installed on this machine and it is master and client as well.

backup type  differential Incremenetal and the NFS mounted share cotain the dump files as well as the physical dump file taken by RMAN

owenership of dumps are with user oracle and group oinstall 

i am connecting veritas as root user and when iniate the backup so i got that error


but what i tested is that i create a directory as root user on backup server and touch files as root user in it and  then  i try to backup it on tape so it was fine and ended with status code 0 but my dumps are always generated as oracle:oinstall which is ok but backups are not fine.


any help please





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you have to set no_root_squash on the NFS export



  • no_root_squash: By default, any file request made by user root on the client machine is treated as if it is made by user nobody on the server. (Excatly which UID the request is mapped to depends on the UID of user "nobody" on the server, not the client.) If no_root_squash is selected, then root on the client machine will have the same level of access to the files on the system as root on the server. This can have serious security implications, although it may be necessary if you want to perform any administrative work on the client machine that involves the exported directories. You should not specify this option without a good reason.

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    The problem might be with NBU trying to reset access time on the NFS mount.

    Try to add DO_NOT_RESET_FILE_ACCESS_TIME  to /usr/openv/netbackup/bp.conf file on the client.

    If this does not help. please ensure that bpbkar log folder exists on the client (under /usr/openv/netbackup/logs). Please post the log after next status 1 as wel as 'ls -l ' listing of problematic file(s).

    Please post log as attachment.